Think you know your beer? Want to learn more?


This series is designed to challenge the most sophisticated palate or

help the novice beer drinker develop their taste buds.


Option #1

Put yourself to the test! Try to identify each beer of the given theme.

If done so correctly, you will be entered into a drawing

for the GRAND PRIZE at the end of the series.


Option #2

Taste each beer along with descriptions of the given theme.

You will know what beer you are drinking so you can learn as you taste!


Tuesday September 10th ~ Know your Hops

Each beer in the flight is a made from a different single hop.

Guest speaker will be Nate Doss,

head brewer at Bevel


Tuesday October 15th ~ Fresh Hops vs. Kiln Dried Hops

A variety of fresh hopped and kiln dried hopped beers in the flight. Learn the differences between the the brewing styles and how it impacts the flavor of your favorite beer.

Guest speaker is Zach Beckwith, head brewer at Bend Brewing Company


Tuesday November 12th ~ Celebrate the Seasonal

Each beer in the flight will be a seasonal favorite. Read the tasting notes and see

if your palate can decipher the nuances

Guest speaker is Robin Johnson, assistant brewmaster at Deschutes Brewing. 

He will be discussing all things JUBLEALE! 6:30pm-7:30pm

As a special treat, we will also be displaying the past 31 years of Jublelale atrwork.


Tuesday December 17th ~ Dark Beer Enlightened

An array of stouts and porters...and a possible CDA


Tasting all day

Guest Speaker 6:30pm-7:30pm

5-6 pours $9-$11


Come and geek out about the amazingness of BEER!!!